Thanks for visiting my site. About me...

It didn't take more than one semester for me to find out that computer programming is my passion. Years later, it is now my profession. I have praticed being a back end developer, front end developer, maintenance engineer, tech support, and dev ops engineer. At the core of it all, there is problem solving.

I jump from hobby to hobby mastering none of them. But I notice that these two stayed the longest: walking and video games. My ideal commute would contain at least twenty minutes of walk. I would sometimes alight from the train a stop earlier or walk past the first station from my home. No other form of media has impacted my life like video games such that it is the shared interest I have with my friends. All the consoles I had were Play Station one, two, three, four, and the Nintendo Switch.

I am the youngest in our family. I have three sisters. I live in Manila, Philippines.

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